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I have known since I was a five year old little girl that some things were different for me, but now, as a woman I am blessed that I get to use the abilities I once struggled to understand, to help other people, and that's exciting!

I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here, and can't wait to help you discover your very own brand of Magick!


Much Love, 

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"I’ve been to many spiritual fares and had readings from many psychics/mediums, but Cate's is by far one of the best! Her reading was spot on; accurate and very comforting. She and the cards brought up things that reaffirmed feelings I already had, and it centred on things no one would have known unless they were ridiculously close to me. The whole reading felt relaxed and natural, nothing about it was forced. She gave me so much peace of mind, but also strength and certainty. Cate is a truly lovely woman and I’d recommend her without hesitation, to anyone!"

Alice B

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Walsall, UK

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No refunds will be given once online information/reports have been sent to the client, with date stamp from Cate McMurray’s email “sent” folder as proof of it being sent. Email addresses used to send will be either or


All readings/advice/spells or rituals are for entertainment purposes only and any actions taken are the sole responsibility of the querent.


This service is as clearly stated, and Cate McMurray is not required to answer any further queries in regards to what has been written, either by phone, messenger, text or email from the client. Further advice can be sought from the purchase of another service if required.


If you are unhappy with any part of your service, please get in touch with Cate directly. complaints for this service are only valid for up to 3 days after delivery.


All GPDR data will be destroyed one week after delivery

of the reading. During that week, Cate McMurray will adhere to all relevant GPDR data guidelines and regulations and

your data will not be shared, sold or passed on to any other third



All services and the material within them is strictly confidential and is for the sole use of the client and should not be shared unless otherwise stated. Confidential data will remain as such permanently.


Cate McMurray, the company and the individual will not be held responsible for the outcome of any advice given. Any action taken as a result of services or advice given is the sole responsibility of the client and Cate McMurray will not be liable in any way for negative outcome, injury, or death that befalls the client.


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